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Back in 1982 Kyriakos and Victoria Salteri had an idea of building a touristic business in Mikri Vigla, after many thoughts they decided to start building. It was not an easy decision as long as it was going to be the first accommodation business in Mikri Vigla. Till then Mikri Vigla had only been serving as a sheep run. However some free campers from central Europe had discovered that “Parthena” beach is an ideal windsurfing spot. Eventually in 1988 Victoria Studios – Apartments made its debut in the touristic business of Naxos Island.

It was only the first building, the one built by rocks, with 6 apartments for renting. In 1996 the second building was finished and added 9 more rooms to the complex. In 1998 the third building finished and now the Victoria Studios Apartments is proud for its 26 unique studios and apartments. Throughout the years from late 80’s to 90’s and then to 00’ and 10’ Mikri Vigla and also the whole Naxos island changed a lot. Mikri Vigla now is one of the top destinations for windsurfing – kitesurfing and family hoidays.

Useful additions were made to Victoria Studios – Apartments through all these years. The Playground, the barbeque area, the café, the gardens, the vineyard are all created by our love for the business and the respect for our visitors.

Nowadays the property is still owned by Salteris family, and we are proud to say that every year through this business we earn new friends. Most of our visitors are coming back more than once and we are inviting you to find out why.

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Mikri Vigla

Welcome to Mikri Vigla! Mikri Vigla is a small cape located on the south west coast of Naxos Island. It is consisted by two beaches: the North Beach called Parthena Beach and the South called “Limanaki – Alykes”. So you have a big advantage. In summertime when the north wind blows ypu can decide either to enjoy the wind on the North Beach and windsurf or kitesurf without limits, or enjoy the calmness and the crystal waters of the south beach. Do not forget that they are less than 10’ away by foot.

North Beach “Parthena” is the perfect windsurfing – kitesurfing spot during the windy days. A variety of bussineses are situated on the beach. Apartments, cafes, restaurants a supermarket and three windsurfing – kitesurfing clubs will provide to you everything you need on your holiaday. Locals say that if it was not the wind, Parthena Beach would have been the most beautiful on Naxos island. So do not worry if it not windy, because you are still on paradise.

South Beach “Limanaki” is so picturesque that you will loose your mind. Situated on the foot of Mikri Vigla hill is one of the ideal beaches to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. On the beach two restaurants are situated.

Mikri Vigla Hill completes the landscape. “Vigla” in greek language means watchtower, and this is what the hill was serving for in ancient years. It was the watchtower for locals guarding the sea between Naxos and Paros island. Do not miss getting on the top of the hill, the view is magical.


Naxos Island

Naxos Island is the largest island of the Cyclades Complex. It is important to understand tha you can find the whole world in an island. Beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, extravagant countryside, ancient greek monuments, old churches and many other things are combined to a single destination.

What to do:
Naxos island is ideal for:
Hiking, jogging, mountain climbing, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, cycling, sightseeing, nightlife, tasting food.
You will be amazed of how many places and different things you will discover during your stay.

More information about Naxos Island: www.naxos.gr

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